Ultimate Sales Leader

Your Blueprint to Transform Your Real Estate Team
into a Profit-Generating Powerhouse

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This system is Like Rocket Fuel for your Sales Leadership

Justin Nelson

This is for all team leaders, brokers, sales leaders, managers and producers who are tired of losing money and losing agents - and ready to grow a profitable team. 

It’s no secret the market has been tough this year. Thousands of agents across the country have left the real estate industry entirely, and many who stayed have experienced a significant drop in their business. 

Here’s the hard truth. If your agents are struggling, it’s up to YOU as the team leader to raise your personal standards and lead your team from the front. If you’re losing agents, you simply aren’t doing what it takes to keep them. 

If you’re ready to give your team a complete overhaul and become the ultimate sales leader, this training is for you.

By the end of this program
you will have...


Streamlined Workflow


Complete Recruiting & Onboarding System


Dialed in Time Management


Unstoppable Leadership


The Strategies to Scale witIh Profit


Full Plan to Leverage Technology


Spring Bengtzen has been a top 1% performer in the real estate industry for the last 20 years. After starting her first team 15 years ago, she quickly realized just because she was a top sales leader didn’t mean she was equipped to build a successful team. She spent thousands of hours (and dollars!) in coaching and training to learn how to build both a strong team of successful agents AND a profitable business. 

Over the last five years, Spring’s team, the Utah Life Real Estate Group (ULRG), has grown from seven to over ninety agents and experienced 100% growth year over year. They ended 2022 with 600 homes under contract and are on pace to close 800 this year - despite the market being down 40%. One of the keys to their success has been the leadership of Justin Nelson, ULRG’s Director of Sales. 

Before joining the ULRG team, Justin was a peak performance strategist for Tony Robbins and delivered over 1500 training sessions across the US with top-tier executives and sales professionals from companies like Toyota, Ford, and American Express. His extensive background in human performance, the psychology of sales, and exactly what it takes to build a profitable sales organization set the stage for his pivotal role in the growth and success of ULRG. 

Spring & Justin bring decades of knowledge, experience, and expertise to what it takes to build and lead a team of high producing agents AND remain profitable as an organization.

"We just brought on 3 new agents. 1 mentioned she learned more from HELLO week than her 18 months combined at her previous brokerage"
- Heather Keays
"We're building our team so quickly that we had to just add on an ISA department to support our team members!"
- Johnny Richardson
"We're 30 days into the program and we just got 2 solid recruits coming through our HELLO week!!"
- Nikolay Afanasyev
We just got 2 new agents through HELLO Week, 4 more are shadowing, and another starting next month!
- Becky Partin
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"I'm so excited! We have 2 new agents coming to Hello Week next week!"
- Paula Hines
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Ultimate Sales Leader


Most team leaders are fantastic sales leaders…

But they haven’t developed the skillset to build and scale a world class team. 

The truth is, running a successful and profitable organization requires a different mindset, skillset, knowledge base, standards, and accountability structure than what it takes to be a successful real estate professional. 
 Applying a solid sales system to your real estate team isn’t something you can simply read in a leadership book or watch on YouTube.  

It requires understanding the real estate industry on a deep level AND a solid foundation of understanding the psychology of sales and systems it takes to run a profitable sales organization.

Enter the Ultimate Sales Leader. 

The Ultimate Sales Leader is a 12-week training program that covers the full blueprint of what Spring and Justin have mastered over the last 10 years in building one of the most profitable teams in the US (despite the market being down by 40%). 

In these 12 weeks, you will learn:

PLUS additional bonuses and trainings!

The Ultimate Sales Leader is your comprehensive guide to transforming your real estate team into a profitable sales organization. 

Now, more than ever, agents are looking for strong, knowledgeable and successful teams to partner with and guide them through navigating this market. Tough times make strong agents AND strong leaders. 

 It’s time to level up your skillset and become the Ultimate Sales Leader for your team.

Ultimate Sales Leader Venn

What's Covered in the
The Ultimate Sales Leader Program?

Week 1: Setting the Stage for Next Level Sales Results

Outcomes & Benefits:

Kick off your transformative journey with a deep understanding of the program’s objectives and your own goals. This week sets you on a clear path, ensuring you’re aligned with what you want to achieve by the end of the 12 weeks.

Week 2: The Foundations of Attraction

Outcomes & Benefits:

Learn the secrets to building a robust sales pipeline. From systems to funnel management, set up the foundation that will fuel consistent revenue generation, enabling you to focus on growth rather than mere survival.

Week 3: The Uniqueness of You

Outcomes & Benefits:

This week dives deep into what makes your offering unique. Understand how to articulate your Unique Value Proposition and set standards that will attract the right kind of agents to your team, elevating your brand in the market.

Week 4: The Psychology of Selling

Outcomes & Benefits:

Master the art and science of influence to get more ‘Yeses’ than ever before. Equip yourself with persuasive techniques that will make your sales strategies more effective and impactful.

Week 5: Vision & Planning

Learn how to set compelling visions and actionable plans. Move from vague aspirations to concrete goals and commitments, ensuring everyone on your team is aligned and motivated.

Week 6: Onboarding & Speedy Development

Outcomes & Benefits:

Streamline your onboarding process and fast-track the development of new recruits. Implement a 30, 60, 90-day plan that sets your agents up for success right from the get-go.

Week 7: Performance & Accountability

Outcomes & Benefits:

Learn how to set key metrics and hold your team accountable. Move from being a ‘boss’ to a ‘leader’ by building a culture of performance and responsibility.

Week 8: Leadership Fundamentals

Outcomes & Benefits:

Internalize the principles of effective leadership, including extreme ownership and gratitude. Create a leadership identity that earns respect and encourages team loyalty.

Week 9: Development & Growth

Outcomes & Benefits:

Navigate the pathways for developing your agents into future leaders. Learn how to either coach up or coach out, ensuring you build a team geared for growth and scalability.

Week 10: Recognition & Revenue Streams

Outcomes & Benefits:

Discover the untapped revenue streams that can augment your primary income. Learn the art of recognition, a powerful motivator that can significantly boost team performance.

Week 11: Putting the Pieces Together

Outcomes & Benefits:

This week is your sandbox. Apply all the strategies and frameworks you’ve learned in a practical setting, ensuring you’re ready to implement your new skills in the real world.

Week 12: Catapult to the Next Level

Outcomes & Benefits:

Wrap up your program with a comprehensive recap and a clear roadmap for the future. Leave with actionable steps that ensure you’re poised to continue growing long after the course ends.
Justin Taylor

"We've hired 3 agents in the past week and have 2 more in our pipeline!! We've got agent interviews EVERYDAY for the next week"
- Justin Taylor

"Our recruitment machine is on fire! We've added 6 new agents in the past 30 days!"
- Molly Haines


Listings are the key to creating leverage in your real estate business. And as you know, when you have leverage, that means you have FREEDOM. If you’re tired of struggling and worrying about the future of your business, it’s time to create a scalable and profitable listing business that takes market share, positions you as the leading market expert, and creates a brand sellers TRUST and seek out.

What's included inside the course?

Ultimate Sales Leader


The Ultimate Sales Leader is a 12-week comprehensive training program specifically designed for all team leaders, brokers, sales leaders, managers and producers. It covers the three foundational pillars: Attract, Develop, and Retain. Each week, you will explore different modules focusing on various aspects like sales, team management, leadership, and more, all aimed at helping you become an effective and efficient sales leader.
This program is tailored for real estate team owners who are highly ambitious and looking to scale their business while also balancing their personal life. If you have a strong desire for growth, face challenges in system efficiency, team management, or leadership, this program is designed for you.
The program is structured as a virtual course with live Q&As. Each week you’ll go through specific modules, complete with reviews and quizzes to help internalize your learnings.
While the program is designed with the seasoned team leader, broker, sales leader, manager or producer in mind, you do not need any specific qualifications to enroll other than a willingness to learn and a commitment to implement the strategies taught.
Each module is recorded and can be accessed later, so you won’t miss out on crucial information. However, for best results, we recommend staying engaged and following the program week-by-week.
The time frame for results can vary based on how diligently you implement the strategies and systems taught in the program. However, many participants begin to see noticeable improvements in their team dynamics, operational efficiencies, and sales results within weeks of implementing the strategies.
In addition to the live Q&A sessions, participants can access a community forum to engage with peers and experts. Email support for any queries or issues you might face is also provided.
All you need is a reliable internet connection to access the course materials and participate in live Q&A sessions. Any additional resources, like templates or reading materials, will be provided as part of the program.
The Ultimate Sales Leader stands out due to its holistic and targeted approach for Real Estate Team Owners. It’s not just about immediate, tactical changes but long-term transformation. It includes practical application through workshops, case studies, and continuous assessment, ensuring that you get actionable insights tailored to your specific needs.





Beginning Thursday, NOVEMBER 2nd
12 weeks
Thursdays at 12pm PST

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