Spring Bengtzen Scale Up

June 28th-29th, 2022

Scottsdale, Arizona

Level Up.

Inner Circle with Spring B

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We are super excited to welcome you to our next Inner Circle  event in Scottsdale,  Arizona on June 28th – 29th, 2022!  Don’t miss outt!

Here's Why YOU Need to Be There...


You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with - so CONNECT with people who are playing life at the highest level! Everyone in Inner Circle is committed to leveling up across the board.

Level Up

Take a deep dive into the specific strategies your team needs in order to LEVEL UP every area of your business - the same proven strategies Spring and her team are using every day to massively disrupt the real estate industry.


It's one thing to know the HOW, it's another thing to execute at the highest level. BREAKTHROUGH your limiting beliefs and tap into your highest potential as we dive deep into the psychology of a leader and how to lead from within.

These events are miraculously powerful!
 When our members come together to connect in person, level up their business, and breakthrough limiting beliefs - MAGIC HAPPENS!

Breakthrough with Spring, Justin, your favorite Spring B. Coaches, and fellow Inner Circle members.

Here's What's Included in Inner Circle...

Breakthrough to Ultimate Freedom.

3 Exclusive Inner Circle Events

Three times per year we come together and BLOW IT UP! Exclusive trainings, immersive workshops, awesome parties - Inner Circle is the most fun you will have all year... and the most rewarding.

Monthly Q&A Calls with Spring and Justin

Every month you'll receive plug-and-play strategies, and the latest insights directly from the Spring B. Leadership Team. Come learn all our new discoveries - what's working and what isn't - without having to learn the hardway!

Monthly 1:1 Coaching Calls

Meet 1:1 with your Inner CIrcle coach twice per month and get all of the mindset support you need to level up. Squash overwhelm, fear, self doubt, self sabotage and ANYTHING else that's holding you back.

Discounts on other Spring B. transformational programs & events

Inner Circle members get a massive discount on "VA in 30 Days
 ," "Shadow Day
," "Ignite
 ," "Spring Break
," "SiSU Mastery"

Already an Inner Circle Member?

NOT an Inner Circle Member?


Who’s going to be there?
Spring, Justin, some of our favorite Inner Circle coaches, and your fellow members.


Who’s elegible to come?
Active members of Inner Circle.


What’s the price of the ticket?
Your ticket to the event is FREE as it’s part of your membership. Your hotel room and travel costs are not covered in your membership.


I’m not in Inner Circle, how do I sign up?
Click the “Learn More” link above.


Where is the event?
The event will be held at a luxury home in Scottsdale, Arizona. After you register and your eligibility to attend is confirmed, you will be emailed the hotel and travel information.


What happens if I drop out of Inner Circle before the event?
Your ticket will become invalid and you will not be able to attend.


Can I bring guests?
Yes! Guests are $1,000 each (limit of 3 guests per membership).


Is food provided at this event?
Lunch and Dinner will be provided on Day 1, Lunch will be provided on Day 2. We’ll also provide snacks and beverages during the event.

Inner Circle with Spring B

Inner Circle Member Event:
Nov 1st-3rd, La Jolla, CA

Bringing Any Guests? (Up to 3 - +$1000 each)
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