Spring Bengtzen Scale Up

A Soul Retreat for Women

SheInc Summit
Level up your COMMUNITY. Strengthen your CONNECTION. Experience inner CLARITY.

November 10 – 12, 2023

Southern, Utah

Event Details

Join us for an immersive, all-inclusive weekend retreat tailored to empower personal development and clarity. The SheInc Summit is your opportunity to invest in the most vital aspect of your business – yourself.

Stay in one of our multimillion-dollar mansions in the heart of southern Utah, craft a strategic roadmap, embark on thrilling adventures through the majestic Zion National Park, and find serenity in rejuvenating breath work and yoga sessions. This retreat is a unique chance to connect with like-minded women while crafting your blueprint for 2024.

Our expertly curated program will guide you through workshops, mindfulness sessions, and engaging discussions and activities throughout the weekend. These experiences will empower you to harness your strengths, delve into your passions, and cultivate a profound understanding of your true self – all leading you towards the person you aspire to be.

This retreat is not just about introspection; it’s also about forging meaningful connections. Build genuine friendships and gain fresh insights from a diverse community of women. Whether you are seeking personal growth, professional development, adventure, or the opportunity to elevate your relationships, SheInc Summit is your ideal destination.

Welcome to Desert Color Resort

All-Inclusive Event Ticket Includes:

* airline ticket and transportation to the event is NOT included

What to Expect at the SheInc Summit

Over three transformative days, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery, clarify your goals for 2024, and bond with a community of highly intentional, ambitious, and driven women.

Enjoy an Intimate Weekend

Unlike previous events, we are capping this retreat at a limited number of guests. We want this to be an immersive weekend that is filled with women looking to help themselves and each other level up both professionally and personally.

Create your 2024 Life Blueprint

We spend time setting goals and planning what our businesses will look like, but we often fail to sit down and intentionally create a plan for the other areas of our life. After this retreat, you will have a clear vision and plan for 2024 in every aspect of your life.

Find Adventure

Life often gets repetitive. Although we love a good routine, creating uncertainty and embracing adventure is a healthy and contagious endeavor! This retreat won’t have you stuck in a conference room – we are getting outdoors and experiencing new things each day.

Experience Soul Freedom

There’s nothing more powerful than the connection with one’s self. Bringing your core values, life purpose, and actions into alignment to create what we like to call “soul freedom.” Experience a new level of clarity, connection, and soul freedom through breath work & yoga… and we might through in an ice bath too!

Build Connections

Cultivate purposeful friendships with women who are also seeking to level up in their lives. SheInc is a community of likeminded, badass women who support one another and cheer each other on.

Explore Our Houses

We have secured two amazing houses at the Desert Color Resort for this event.

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Keynote Speakers

Hi Friend!

Spring Bengtzen
If you’re anything like me, life can be a whirlwind of juggling multiple businesses, family, health, and adventure. It’s a challenge to fit it all in, but it’s about intentionality and crafting a purposeful life – not just letting it happen by default.

Years ago, I found a group of like-minded women during a retreat who were all seeking to live intentionally and elevate our lives. We became each other’s greatest support as we grew, evolved, and transformed into the women we aspire to be.

SheInc is a haven for women to foster a community that empowers them to shape and live life on their own terms, deliberately, and by design.

I look forward to having you join us!

Vija Williams

Besides being the Head of Industry for PLACE and the owner of Vija Real Estate – a top-producing real estate business based in the Seattle area – I coach, consult, speak and teach around the US and Canada. I teach and train on business, life, real estate, personal growth, and building an amazing life. In addition to coaching and teaching top teams, brokerage leaders and agents, I co-hosted an award-winning podcast and real estate webinar series that has had over 800,000 views and downloads.

I have a husband and three amazing kids, an investment property portfolio, and two dogs. I want to pour into you and walk you through some things I have conquered and mastered to completely transform my life. I am excited to spend time with you at She Inc Summit!
Vija Williams

I’m Kaestle

I’ve found great fulfillment through my career achievements, entering into the C-suite in my early twenties. Although thrilling, I quickly noticed a void in women’s voices in leadership.

Finding connections with like-minded women was challenging, and my professional drive sometimes left my personal life feeling isolated. My own experiences are why I’m deeply passionate about SheInc’s mission and the community we are building.

I’m excited to have you join us for the soul-enriching adventures ahead.

Jessie Torres

Jessie is all about radiating positivity, and her story is an incredible testament to transforming pain into power. From growing up experiencing abuse and living in fear every day, to the loss of her brother to murder, to a marriage that left her completely apathetic, emotionless and dead – Jessie took these devastating experiences and turned them into her greatest triumphs. Jessie shares her purpose with others through what she calls “Fierce Grace” to help other women tap into their inner strength and find their own passion and resilience.
Jessie Torres
Brad Harper

Brad Harker

Brad Harker is a growth coach, entrepreneur and published author based in St George, Utah. Brad specializes in coaching entrepreneurs seeking personal and professional GROWTH, but also struggle with the challenges of adversity and fear. As an entrepreneur and abuse survivor himself, Brad has learned to navigate the balance of ambition, adversity, and healing. Truly an incredible experience!! Brad’s trauma-informed approach to coaching is what sparked his interest in breathwork when he first experienced it in 2021. Brad quickly became a student of the practice, later being coached by breath work professionals and ultimately seeking his own certification. This powerful and sacred practice has been the most significant modality of healing and connection in his journey.


The purchase of your room option includes your lodging, event ticket, all meals, all activities, and transportation to any activities during the retreat. It does NOT include airfare/travel costs, or transportation to/from the airport from the resort.
Registration begins at 11:30 am, and lunch will be served at noon on Friday. The first session begins at 2 pm. You are welcome to arrive anytime between 11:30 am and 2 pm to check in.
The first session will begin at 2 pm on Friday! You are welcome to join us for lunch at 12 pm before the first session.
The nearest airport to St. George, UT is St. George Regional (SGU) Airport, which is 6.6 miles away. Other nearby airports include Cedar City (CDC) (49.1 miles) and Las Vegas (LAS) (112.4 miles).
The resort (Desert Color) is about 15 minutes away from the St. George Airport. You can easily Uber from the airport to the resort. We will share the exact address with you before your arrival
Yes! Lunch and dinner will be served on Friday, all meals are included on Saturday, and breakfast will be served on Sunday.

There are two ways to ensure you share a room with your friend/s. When booking the private room you want, select the option to “Add person” and add them onto your ticket. (If you’ve already booked your room and you did not select this option, you can email kaestle@springb.com before October 8th to add the individual/s to your room.) The second option is for both/all friends to book bunks individually in the same shared room.

Come in whatever you feel best in! Some time will be spent hiking in Zion National Park, as well as cold plunging, breathwork, and yoga – so make sure to pack some hiking clothes, shoes, a jacket for nights in the desert, swim suit, and comfortable clothes for yoga and breathwork.

If canceled within the first 72 hours, you will receive a 100% refund on your ticket purchase. If after 72 hours, you will receive a cash equivalent credit towards future Spring B coaching, programs or events. Spring B is not responsible for any additional travel fees.

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