Spring Bengtzen Scale Up

Real Estate Spring Break

April 18 - 21, San Diego, CA

Are you ready to grow your wealth, expand your connections and recharge your business??

Are you a seasoned agent or team owner who’s been feeling:

  • The weight of the market this past year
  • Panicked knowing you’re bleeding money every month
  • Questioning whether or not you should go back into production
  • Overwhelmed by the thought of bringing on more agents 
  • Frustrated trying to get your agents into production to stop the bleeding


Let me tell you, I’ve been in your shoes before. And I’m going to be straight up with you…


If this is you, you need to join us at Real Estate’s Spring Break.


(And if this isn’t you because you’re thriving in this market – the content and proximity is next level and you need to join us too!)


I’m going to be showing you the full blueprint of EXACTLY how we’ve already sold 204 units since the start of this year – AND I’m bringing 15+ other industry leaders who are doing big things and sharing their playbooks with you too.


In less than 2 years, I grew my team from 7 to 70 agents. Last year we sold 600+ homes, and this year we’re already on pace to double our 2022 Q1 production levels. 


This is next level…but here’s the deal – this conference isn’t for everyone. 


However, it IS for seasoned agents and team owners who want to learn how to: 


  • Create predictable systems that result in agents knocking on your door
  • Craft the perfect messages to get listings in today’s market
  • Convert online leads 
  • Source off market properties and structure deals
  • Leverage investments to create a big enough world to retain your top talent


This is for the agents and team owners who are ready to level up and take market share.


I’ll be opening up my playbook to share exactly how I’ve created a thriving team that’s already closed 200+ units since January 2023. Plus I’ve invited 15+ other industry leaders who have also had massive success AND are willing to share their blueprints with you too (you can read all about them below).


I’m a firm believer it’s pointless to go to a feel-good real estate networking event and walk away with no value and a charge on your credit card. 


This is not that type of event. 


Real Estate’s Spring Break is not about sitting in a conference room all day either. As you can tell by our speaker lineup, we’re focused on 


  • Massive education
  • Actionable information
  • Proven data and results
  • Round table discussions flushing out questions from the most successful people in the industry
  • High level dinners and high level conversations
  • Being moved by the craft of the people on stage
  • Luxury spas and time by the pool
  • Plus a sunset dinner cruise around the San Diego bay on a private yacht, courtesy of our sponsors Sisu, Realty.com, REI Print, RISE & PLACE


This event only happens once a year and is the most exclusive premium real estate conference in the US. 


If you are serious about growing your wealth, your business relations, your knowledge, and your mindset – this room is for you. 


Get your tickets and don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to grow your wealth and dominate today’s market. 

Karlie Beaudoin

“I’ve been to a million RE conferences and this was by far beyond better than anything else!!!”

- Karlie Beaudoin

What it'S all about

Registration will be from 4:00 – 5:30 pm; our mixer will begin at 6:00 pm. Hotel check in time is 4:00 pm.
The last session is scheduled to end at 1 pm. Check out time is 12 pm.
The nearest airport is San Diego (SAN). The airport is 0.5 miles from the Sheraton Hotel & Marina.
You can easily Uber/Lyft to the hotel, or there is a complimentary airport shuttle to and from the airport.
Yes! There are a number of different dining options at the hotel. You can explore all options here. Harbor Island is also very close to Little Italy and a number of other downtown restaurants.

The Sheraton Hotel & Marina is now sold out. You can book your room at our overflow hotel, the Hilton San Diego Airport Harbor Island Hotel. It is less than 1 mile from the Sheraton Hotel & Marina.

We’re on spring break! Dress business casual while we’re in sessions, and bring your favorite beach-resort clothes for activities in the afternoons and evenings!
If canceled within the first 72 hours, you will receive a 100% refund on your ticket purchase. If after 72 hours, you will receive a cash equivalent credit towards future Spring B coaching, programs or events. Spring B is not responsible for any hotel or travel fees.
Brandon Diggs

“Best Real Estate event I’ve ever been to. This event will impact everything I do moving forward. This will increase my business and my life leaps and bounds!”

- Brandon Diggs

Individual Pricing


  • 1 ticket at $1497

General Admission

  • 1 ticket at $997
  • GA can add-on $200 Sunset Dinner Cruise

Group Pricing


  • 2 tickets at $2497 (Save $497, $1248 each ticket – a 17% savings)
  • 3 tickets at $3497 (Save $994, $1165 each ticket – a 22% savings)
  • Email for 4+ Group pricing

General Admission

  • 2 tickets at $1697 (Save $297, $848 each ticket – a 15% savings)
  • 3 tickets at $2397 (Save $594, $799 each ticket – 20% savings)
  • Email for 4+ Group pricing
  • GA can add-on $200 Sunset Dinner Cruise per ticket
Stacy Mucha

“This event has been amazing! Amazing location, Amazing Speakers, Amazing event all around!”

- Stacey Mucha



When it comes to living life at the highest level, Spring Bengtzen is at the top of the list. Spring lives by the belief the way you do one thing is the way you do everything. Not only is she a rockstar business woman, Spring is an amazing and present wife, mom, mentor and friend. When she’s not turning the real estate world completely upside down, she loves working out, traveling the world with her inner circle of women, and completing crazy challenges like Jesse Itzler’s 29029 Everest Challenge, which involves climbing SnowBasin in Utah fourteen times in 36 hours, and hosting world-class events for the country’s top real estate teams as well as women committed to playing life at the highest levels.


Justin has an extensive background in building, leading and scaling teams. He was a peak performance strategist for Tony Robbins and delivered over 1500 training sessions. Justin is the team leader of The Utah Life Real Estate Group (ULRG) in Northern Utah and the Chief Training Officer for Spring B. The ULRG team sold 600+ homes in 2022 and is already ahead of their production this time last year – despite the market being down 40%.

Justin loves to see his team members exceed their own expectations. He knows that when people reach their potential, they can do amazing things. In 2022, Justin launched his own agent coaching program called JustinTime, where agents meet twice a week for mindset training and accountability. Agents training with Justin are experiencing instantaneous growth in their businesses, and averages over 100 agents and teams participating in every session. Justin is driven to help others grow and develop – it’s what excites him most!


Joe Herrera has been a lead conversion coach for 10+ years while generating over 10,000 leads a year and closing 1,000 units a year.


Joe’s podcast Velocity Coaching is for aspiring real estate team leaders looking to expand their knowledge and teams to fuel their business. Joe has been a keynote speaker at The Momentum Mastermind, Curaytor Excellence, Chicago Title, and Fidelity Title.


Sharran Srivatsaa is the President of Real (TSX: REAX) (NASDAQ: REAX), the fastest-growing, publicly-traded, real estate brokerage in the world. He is also a 4x Inc. 500 Entrepreneur with 5 exits in the last 19 years. 

Sharran grew Teles Properties by 10x in 5 years to $3.4 Billion in sales and eventually sold the business to Douglas Elliman. Sharran is also an accomplished “deal guy” and  private equity investor. He is the Chairman of private equity firm Highland Prime which focuses on investing in service-businesses and also the Chairman of ARC Multifamily Group which focuses on value-add multifamily investment projects. Sharran is a former Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse banker and a sought after keynote speaker. He hosts the top-rated podcast “Business School” and is the creator of the wildly-popular 5am Club call for Entrepreneurs.

Colton Lindsay


Colton Lindsay is an internationally recognized Real Estate Sales Speaker, Trainer, and Mastermind Facilitator who helps agents go from being a business operator to a business owner, create real financial freedom, and live a life they love.

Colton launched The WGR over 15 years ago as one of Utah’s Tops Real Estate Brands having helped nearly 1,000 buyer’s and seller’s through his career. Now, the WGR is one of North America’s top Real Estate Business Academy’s and Masterminds. He has trained thousands of agents to become 6 figure income earners with his top clients generating over $300,000 a month in revenue based on proven sales techniques he learned early in his career that lead him to selling 75 homes a year as a single agent, becoming a top 1% agent by the age of 28, building a successful real estate team, real estate brokerage, real estate mastermind, and currently has over 850 agents in his national network with Real Brokerage.


Raquel Quinet is a highly sought-after business coach, podcast host, and real estate entrepreneur who specializes in helping small business owners and online entrepreneurs scale their businesses through private coaching, masterminds, and retreats. 

With a wealth of experience in co-owning real estate and mortgage companies, creating top-performing teams, and being the first Female CEO to scale a real estate team business to 8 figures, Raquel has a successful track record of breaking historic revenue goals. 

She is a real estate industry leader, business coach, and revenue growth strategist, and her mission is to help people “play bigger” in business and in life.


Daniel Dixon is a visionary entrepreneur who has taken The Dixon Group from a single agent to a thriving mega-agent team with 23 agent partners in 2 locations. He also recently bought a Keller Williams Franchise, making it the first Black Owned KW Franchise in the state of Colorado. 


With a commitment to excellence, he has helped over 1500 families with $500+ million in home sales, earning the #1 ranking for his team in Colorado and a top 50 spot nationally. Daniel’s relentless drive for success extends beyond real estate, as he has also started a Mortgage Company, Title Joint Venture, Investment Business, and launched 2 foundations to support the Black Community. 

Daniel’s journey has been filled with challenges and failures, but his unwavering optimism always keeps him moving forward to greatness.


Frank Klesitz is a direct response marketing leader in the residential real estate agent industry who has written and implemented marketing plans for 1,000+ of North America’s top 1% of real estate professionals to attract listings and recruit productive agents. He is the CEO of Vyral Marketing, a done-for-you 36-touch video, social media, direct mail, and email marketing agency.


Kelly Anne Harris is a real estate leader, entrepreneur, sports momma, investor and trail blazer who’s on a mission to provide massive opportunities for her partners. She began her real estate career in the town she was born and raised in Owensboro, KY.

Kelly started her real estate career in the middle of one of the worst recessions we have seen. She scaled her way to the #1 agent in her town, all with a baby on her hip! In 12 years in real estate, she’s been able to scale and expand companies in Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee. She’s the founder of The VZN Real Estate Platform, the Operating Principle of 2 Keller Williams brokerages located throughout Western Kentucky, along with a title company, property management company and a rental portfolio of 8 figures and growing. Not only is Kelly involved in the real estate space, she also has a huge heart for those with disabilities and is very active with the non-profit organization, Puzzle Pieces.

Kelly has been recognized in the real estate industry for her numerous accomplishments like #1 Expansion Team by Volume & Units throughout the Ohio Valley Region in 2021, Operating Principle of the Year in 2021, #1 Keller Williams Young Professional in the Ohio Valley Region for multiple years, and her organizations soar in every territory she enters with her amazing teams.


Founder & CEO of R.I.S.E (Real. Intelligent. Sales Engagement.), Steve de Laveaga previously held the position of SVP and The National Sales Manager for Fidelity National Title Group, encompassing multiple Divisions and overseeing 3,100 sales executives and assisting over 200 sales managers across the U.S. Steve drove sales and marketing efforts across the country, to assist their partners and stakeholders in growing their business. Steve also acted as the Chief Revenue Officer for the FNF Owned Technology, which totaled a valuation well over 1 billion dollars and spanned over 125 million in annual revenue. Steve also went on to create the No. 1 Realtor Mastermind group in the US which encompassed 2.5 Billion dollars annually in production, leading over 250 Mastermind events in the last 2 years.

Steve de Laveaga


Vija Williams is the Director of Growth for the Ben Kinney Companies (BKCO). BKCO owns and operates 6 Keller Williams Realty Franchises in 10 offices that include 1300+ agents across Washington State, which Vija leads. Vija also owns and runs The Vija Group at Keller Williams Eastside, which is a team of residential real estate specialists focused on the move-up and luxury segments in the Seattle, Washington market. The Vija Group is in the top 1% of Keller Williams worldwide for volume sold and closes $70+M in sales volume every year. Vija is a co-founder of “Amplify,” a national women’s group that hosts annual events and is composed of some of the top female business leaders and influencers in the nation.


Vija is a sought-after speaker and has appeared on stage at real estate conferences around the nation, including the main stage with Gary Keller at “Keller Williams Family Reunion, and keynotes at “Mega Camp,” Inman Connect San Francisco, and Zillow Summit. She has also spoken on stage at Inman Connect New York, Inman Connect San Francisco, and Inman Luxury Connect in Beverly Hills, as well as being a guest on numerous podcasts, webinars, panels, and moderator at many regional and local real estate events around the country sharing how to build and grow real estate teams, how agents can increase their price point and get into luxury, leadership, how to be awesome at failing, and many more.


Tuesday, April 18th

Wednesday, April 19th

Thursday, April 20th

Friday, April 21st

Stacy Mucha

“This event has been amazing! Amazing location, Amazing Speakers, Amazing event all around!”

- Stacey Mucha

Build Your Wealth

It’s no secret the last half of 2022 drastically changed in real estate and many have gone into survival mode. The truth is, our current market is NOT doom and gloom - it’s filled with countless opportunities to build your wealth and scale your business…if you have solid strategies to get you there.

Expand Your Connections

There is power in proximity! You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with…is your inner circle pushing you to be the best you can be? Have they already achieved the goals you are working to accomplish? Surround yourself with the top agents and team owners from across the country, level up your inner circle, and expand what you know is possible.

Recharge Your Business

Being a business owner is hard…but so is lowering your income, or starting a new career! You get to choose your hard - and if you’re absolutely committed to your success, it’s time to get off the hamster wheel of production and start breathing new life into the areas of your business that will actually shift the needle and result in success.

…While having FUN!

Who wants to go to a beautiful location and sit in a boring conference room all day?? NOT us! That’s why we’ve specifically designed Real Estate’s Spring Break to be packed full of content in the mornings, and left your afternoons and evenings free so that you can recharge on the beach, enjoy delicious meals with new connections, and experience all San Diego has to offer - without having to book extra days (unless you want to!).

About the Sheraton Hotel & Marina

The Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina is the perfect getaway with waterfront views, upscale accommodations and four-star amenities. Located right in the heart of the San Diego harbor, you are only minutes to downtown, the Gaslamp Quarter, the San Diego Zoo, and Petco Park. Take advantage of the balcony views, sprawling outdoor pool complex, fitness center, and restaurants on site. Surrounded by waterfront views, the Sheraton Hotel & Marina is the perfect place to relax and recharge.