Spring Bengtzen Scale Up


Scale Up

When it comes to Scaling Up your business, the devil is in the details. Most programs are loaded with fluff and deliver 80% feel-good hype with only 20% actual strategy. We’ve turned that upside down to deliver 90% tactical processes and step-by-step implementation strategies, mixed with 10% real life application.

Inner Circle

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. When you join Inner Circle, you’re leveling up just by proximity as you connect with others playing life at the highest level and who are committed to leveling up across the board. You’ll be given the same proven strategies Spring and her team use every day to massively disrupt the real estate industry, as well as the accountability and training to breakthrough limiting beliefs, tap into your highest potential, and lead your team with heart-centered leadership.


A holistic approach to going beyond your calendar and to-do’s to find more fulfillment and joy in everything you do. Harmony Tribe is a community of likeminded women committed to playing life on their terms. They are committed to growing, expanding, and creating new experiences for themselves and those around them. It’s not about balancing everything in your life – it’s about finding harmony across all areas. No more playing small. No more toning down your true essence. It’s time to be YOU, fully. 

VA in 30 Days

It’s time to focus on what matters the most – and leverage the rest! Say goodbye to working long hours trying to motivate yourself to do the tasks you hate. With VA in 30 Days, you’re given step-by-step training to properly hire, onboard, and train virtual assistants – saving you time, money, and stress! You’ll receive the systems to effectively track, manage, and oversee work being done, plus guaranteed placements for 60 days to ensure you found the right fit! Maximize your team and improve your core metrics with our virtual assistants.

1-0n-1 coaching

Having a coach you can trust is key to success. When it comes to 1:1 coaching, your unique personality profile, communication style, and goals are all taken into consideration when matching you with the perfect coach. Not only do our coaches have thousands of hours of training, they are also certified in Spring’s systems – meaning, no matter the obstacle you’re facing, our coaches bring the perfect balance of psychology, systems, and accountability to help you overcome any obstacle on your path to success.

Group coaching

When it comes to business & personal growth, having a coach in your corner is invaluable. Add on to that learning from like-minded peers also committed to playing life at the highest level, and you’re sure to reach your goals! With Spring B. Group Coaching, you’ll be pushed beyond your limitations to discover what’s truly possible, as well as receive the accountability to reach your goals. If you’re looking for high-level results, Spring B. Coaching is the answer.