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Get the Exact Blueprint We Use to Get Our Agents into Production Quickly AND How to Increase Profits through Productivity
THIS is exactly how we’ve sold 750+ Homes This Year
& Got 50+ Agents into Production in 2023
Spring Bengtzen

We all know the #1 killer of revenue on a team is per agent productivity.

With the 2023 market shift, it’s more important than ever to not only get your agents into production - but to KEEP them in production.

This is our complete system - that WE have implemented ourselves - that’s resulted in onboarding 50+ agents, selling 750+ homes this year…AND getting our average agent to sell 3+ homes in their first 90 days.

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I don’t know about you, but in my 10+ years of running a team - I haven’t been able to predict who’s going to be successful.

The agents who I thought would crush it often didn’t make it…and the agents I doubted became some of my top producers.

Instead of continuing to play a guessing game, implementing this system has resulted in us onboarding QUALITY agents to our team, getting them into production within their first 90 days, and doubling their production year over year.

This system not only WORKS, it works in TODAY’S market.

Many don’t know how to hold their agents accountable to the standards that result in greater per agent productivity, but with this course - check out ALL the value you get inside…

What's Inside the program?

Keys to the Vault

...and more!

This 5 Week Training Will Be Delivered 100% LIVE so you’ll have the content AND receive coaching along the way!


You’ve recruited quality agents into your world, now it’s time to see if they’re a great fit for your team AND if you’re the best fit for them.

Receive our FULL one-week team audition process, completely ready to implement.


Agents have joined your team…now it’s time to train them in your systems, your standards, and your culture.

Receive our full training outline, benchmarks for the first 30-60-90 days, and our complete script book for Script & Role Play.


Agents don’t leave because of splits or leads, they leave because of leadership. Lead your team by setting and holding standards, understanding the six human needs, and creating a world big enough for your agents to grow in.

Receive complete outlines and syntax for Group Accountability meetings, Agent 1:1’s, Team Meetings, and Winner’s Circles PLUS slide decks that incorporate all 6 human needs, and agent lead flow scorecards for accountability.

Our Students Love this Course
Because it WORKS!

“We had our first 2 agents pass Hello Week! What a difference from the way we used to bring on new agents. One agent said she learned more in the first 3 days of Hello Week than she had in the full 18 months she was at her previous brokerage. This coaching has changed our perception and our business.”
- Heather Keays

“Thank you so much for your guidance and leadership with Hello Week. I just received this from an agent who finished Hello Week and is joining our team: ‘In the past, I couldn’t wrap my head around the benefits of a team but you’ve made it really clear how much you invest in your agents…I appreciate how much you’ve reinvested in your tech, education, systems and your [current] agents - there’s a lot I can learn from you!”
- Meg Chin

“We couldn’t have grown as fast as we have without you. We are immensely grateful!”
- Gayle Phillips

Get the Keys to the Vault of our Team Production & Profits Blueprint Here

Keys to the Vault


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