Spring Bengtzen Scale Up

Meet Melissa.

Melissa von Musser is a certified Master Business and Life Results Coach, Speaker, and Director of Coaching – Spring B.. Her journey has been filled with choices, lessons, and challenges that have caused her to be an advocate for the lives of her clients filled with success, gratitude, and connection.

With over 20 years as a certified Master coach and having more than 30,000 hours invested as a business and life coach combined with more than 20,000 hours of training, Melissa brings not only vast experience but she has the capacity to coach business owners of all sizes, types to high levels of success.

Melissa was one of the Top 1% of more than 300 Coaches for Buffini and Company specializing in coaching Brokers, Owners and Managers with the working by referral methodology. Prior to joining Spring B.,Melissa was a Master and Platinum Coach and enjoyed coaching the top exclusive clients for Tony Robbins.