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Harmony Tribe
Join an incredible tribe of women committed to playing life at the highest level.

“Wow! This stuff is life changing… and I’m only 2 weeks in!”

- Taylee Lundin

All peer groups are based on proximity – but oftentimes women form their peer groups by default (neighbors, family members, school connections, work buddies), not by design. This is where the Harmony Tribe is different.

The Harmony Tribe is a community full of like minded women from across the country focused on cheering each other on, helping each other level up in all areas of life, supporting one another, and creating lasting friendships. In the Harmony Tribe, we all choose to be here – which means we’re all committed to this community.

There is nothing more powerful than feminine energy – yet there aren’t many groups like this for women. THIS IS IT! Harmony Tribe is our space for coming together as ladies and supporting one another no matter what. We are focused on friendship, coaching AND creating environments for you to experience growth.

From our weekly coaching calls to our private community to our exclusive events and retreats, we are committed to creating experiences to help you reconnect with who you are and be surrounded by other women cheering you on to do whatever you want in life.

This is the circle you want to be in to help you grow. (Plus we travel together to some pretty amazing places!)

It’s time to stop playing small and toning down the true essence of who you are. The Harmony Tribe is committed to raising one another up, supporting one another, and creating a space where you can be exactly YOU.

"I’ve done coaching for my business before, but never any type of coaching for my personal life. This has helped me so much as a person. My perspective has changed, my relationships have changed. This has been amazing."

- Jillian Batchelor

Harmony Tribe

Interested in attending one of our weekly coaching calls with Spring before you join?
We’d love to meet you. Email sb@springb.com and we’ll get you access.
Calls are every Wednesday at 8am PST.

“Wow! This stuff is life changing… and I’m only 2 weeks in!”

- Taylee Lundin

Are you ready to create a life by design?

So many women are trying to create balance in their lives. Let’s be real. Balance is boring! Imagine everything in your life was truly balanced. There would be no rise and fall, no ups and downs… balance is flat and flat has zero passion in the experience.

I’ve had the incredible opportunity of having amazing women in my life. We’ve travelled the world, experienced incredible things and we hold each other to a higher standard of living.

"Show me your tribe and I'll show you your future."

Women tend to have peer groups based on proximity (neighbors, family members, school connections, work buddies), not by design. Harmony Tribe is about finding your tribe based on choice – this causes a huge shift in how everyone shows up. No one is here by default – everyone is here because they want to be here, everyone is committed to playing life bigger and everyone is here because they know they can have more.

Connect. Grow. Experience.

Imagine being part of a community of women that raised each other up, that supported one another. What if you had a place to truly shine? Imagine being open and showed up as you truly are. Harmony Tribe is where you can come and be FULLY and UNAPOLOGETICALLY you.

What is Harmony Tribe?

A holistic approach to going beyond your calendar and to-do’s to find more fulfillment and joy in everything you do. Harmony Tribe is a community of likeminded women committed to playing life on their terms. They are committed to growing, expanding, and creating new experiences for themselves and those around them. It’s not about balancing everything in your life – it’s about finding harmony across all areas. No more playing small. No more toning down your true essence. It’s time to be YOU, fully. 

Harmony Tribe


We are the sum total of the 5 people we spend the most time with. Are you ready to uplevel your peer group and take your health and life to the next level? So often we treat our bodies like a Volvo when it's actually a Ferrari. Now is the time to reclaim and optimize your health so you have the energy and vitality to take care of yourself and those you love most.


They say "Knowledge is power"... we believe it is potential power unless fully put into action. In Harmony Tribe we bring the worlds best and most knowledgable experts to you to share their wisdom, while we provide the support and accountability to apply the knowledge into your life.
Knowledge + Action = Results


Do you have soul freedom? Meaning, are you able to say YES to the stirrings in your soul without fear of judgment, financial restrictions, or that inner voice holding you back? 
Have you been living life for everyone else instead of yourself? It's time to recalibrate your life and move into your next chapter with passion and purpose.

What is included?

Weekly mastermind sessions with guest speakers, trainers and experts. Special members only retreats throughout the year. Private community. Discounted one-on-one coaching is also available for those ready to go deeper in transforming their lives.

How do I know if I am the right fit for the group?

If life has gotten flat and you’ve hit a plateau…or even a wall… if you’re ready to tap into a deeper sense of purpose, passion, and meaning – while also finding your tribe of like minded women – then harmony tribe is right for you.

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