Spring Bengtzen Scale Up

Shadow Day

See behind the curtain of Spring's team and how she's created the culture, systems, and strategies that allow her to do 700+ transactions per year.

Santy Phillips Real Estate Group
“The Santy Phillips Real Estate Group spent the day with ULRG leadership and our minds were blown! Meeting with Spring and her team inspired and expanded our own vision of our real estate business. Pamela and I will forever be grateful.”

Gayle Phillips Santy Phillips, Real Estate Group

Have you ever wished you could peak behind the curtain and see how the best of the best really run their team?

Imagine having the plug-and-play systems that allow you to attract top talent, create a winning culture and run a highly profitable team. Now’s your chance!

At Shadow Day, you become part of Spring’s team as you get a behind-the-scenes look at how her and her team are on pace to do 700+ transactions this year with 57 agents and only ONE transaction coordinator… while maximizing profits.

This powerful immersive experience will show you not only how to implement the same systems, strategies, and syntax Spring and her team use to create your own successful real estate business, but also how to massively scale your team regardless of market changes.


Take a deep dive into Spring's organization that has her on pace to do over 700+ transactions this year - while working less than 10 hours per week in her business.


Watch how Spring leverages technology to track the core metrics on her team, and attend breakout sessions with each key leader for individualized Q&A.


Be part of Spring's team for the day. Experience the exact language and systems used to create a culture of accountability and production - and why each piece is so important.


Discover the subtle nuances that make or break the whole process - including syntax, systems, and metrics - and how to implement them with your team. The magic is in the details!

9am – 6pm
1173 Shepard Creek Parkway
Farmington Utah 84025

$2000 includes you and 2 guests
(We usually recommend your Director of Operations & Director of Sales)


June 15th – SOLD OUT
July 21st – SOLD OUT
August 17th – SOLD OUT
September 21st – SOLD OUT

October 14th – SOLD OUT
November 9th
December 14th- SOLD OUT

January 18th


Can I bring a guest?
Yes! You may bring up to two guests. We usually recommend your Director of Operations & Director of Sales. There is no additional cost to bring your two additional team members.

What hotel do you recommend we stay at?
We recommend staying at the Hyatt Place in Farmington, UT. You can reserve your room by calling 801-683-4444 or booking online at https://www.hyatt.com/farmington

How do I get from the airport to the hotel?

There is a shuttle to and from the airport. If you opt for a rental car, there is free parking at the hotel.

What’s the dress code?
Business casual. Utah’s weather can be sporadic, so make sure to check the weather and plan accordingly.

What’s the agenda?
Here’s a brief overview of the day:

9am – Team meeting
10am – Content Training
11am – Q&A with Spring
Noon – Break for Lunch
1pm – Breakout sessions
2pm – 4pm – Content Training
5pm – Dinner

How many people will be attending?
We limit each Shadow Day to 20 teams (maximum 60 attendees). We do this so everyone attending receives ample support, all questions get answered, and we are able to serve each attendee at the highest level.

What is the Shadow Day content subject matter?
You’ll get to see behind the curtain of how Spring runs her team doing over 700 transactions per year, her team in action, and multiple breakout sessions with her and her team to answer questions

Are there refunds?
No. However, you can transfer it to a future Shadow Day event.

Will food be provided?
No, food will not be provided. However, there will be meal breaks and a number of great local restaurants close by.

What should I bring?
Whatever you normally would travel with, dress comfortably for a day in the office, plus bring an open mind and get ready to grow!