Spring Bengtzen Scale Up

Real Estate Spring Break

Re-Ignite Your Passion & Build Momentum in Your Business




Build Connections With the Best in Real Estate
& Level Up Your Business Strategies

March 14th – 18th, 2023

There has never been a better time to build connections with the best in real estate, and to learn proven strategies to scale up your business! Work hard and play hard with us at this incredible 4 day mastermind event.

This event was incredible! HUGE thank you to Spring and her team for putting together an amazing mastermind in Cancun, Mexico. I’ve already implemented some of the strategies I’ve learned – and they’ve been game changers.

– Leilani Akuna, Realtor & Real Broker
Spring Break 2022



It can be easy to get so caught up in production, productivity, and performance that we become caught in the cycle of doing a lot of output, but not always recharging, connecting to our greater purpose, and strengthening our relationships with other team owners and top producers crushing it in real estate. 


But what if you could do BOTH??


That’s right! At Real Estate’s Spring Break, we’re spending the week at the gorgeous Xcaret Resort with the top leaders in real estate who will help you radically scale your business…AND spend plenty of time relaxing and adventuring at the resort.


2023 has the potential to be the year where you absolutely crush it in every area of your life. Gain absolute clarity on the areas that will make the greatest impact and massively shift the needle to reach both your business and personal goals.


You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. At Real Estate’s Spring Break, you’ll be joining the top producers and team owners in real estate to receive everything you need to level up your psychology and your strategies, collaborate, have fun, and build relationships. This is the perfect mix of work hard – play hard sessions and activities.


Because we believe in the power of proximity and connection so much, right now you have the opportunity to not only secure your spot at Real Estate’s Spring Break 2023 – but to also secure an ADDITIONAL spot, upgrade BOTH tickets to VIP, AND receive $100 off ($1,997 value) .



The market is changing faster than ever before. You must stay ahead of the curve - it’s time to stop relying on outdated methodologies and paying for expensive trainings that are full of fluff! Learn the best strategies from the top realtors and investors in the business. We’ll open the book on the cutting edge technologies and the tactics that will transform your business and life.


When it comes to transforming your life and your business, 80% of your success lies in your psychology. You can have the best strategies in the world, but if the voice in your head is full of limiting beliefs, you’ll never be able to lead and inspire your team to hit audacious targets and go beyond what you thought was possible.


You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Is your tribe pushing you to level up? Or is it time to level up your tribe? At Spring Break Illuminate, you’ll be surrounded by the top real estate entrepreneurs who have already massively transformed their lives and their businesses - and can’t wait to share their secrets with you.


In addition, VIP members will receive front of room seating at sessions, a special online training with Spring after the event, attendance at one Shadow Day event, and exclusive VIP dinner with Spring and her team in Cancun.


Are there refunds?
No. We will credit your ticket purchase to our next event.

Can my spouse or a guest attend?
Yes. They just need to buy a ticket, too.

How do I book my resort accommodations?
We will call you after your ticket purchase to book your room over the phone since that’s how the resort works in Mexico. You cannot book your room online for our 50% off discounted group rate. Yes, we’re not happy with it either, but we’ve made it easy. We’ll call you and handle all the accommodation booking.

How will I meet people at the event?
We will send you an email after your ticket booking with a quick survey to answer two questions: (1) What’s one thing you do really well in your business that you are open to sharing? (2) What’s one thing you really want to learn from others at the event? We will use this information to introduce you to people at the event who can help you.

Do I need a passport?
Yes. You’ll need a valid and current passport to enter and leave Mexico by air.

>Do I need COVID test?
Yes. You’ll need to pass a COVID test to leave Mexico 24 hours prior to your flight. They have them at the resort. If you fail the test, you’ll stay at the resort at your expense until you pass a COVID test so you can board your flight.

How do I get from the airport to the resort?
We’ll get your flight information over the phone, or forward it to us, and we will schedule your transportation from the airport to and from the resort. There is really nice bus that leaves every 35 minutes to and from the airport.

What’s the dress code
Casual. Wear whatever you want – we’re at a resort! Sandles, swimsuit, t-shirt, shorts – that’s the attire. We highly recommend you bring water shoes for the ocean, a fanny pack for the excursions, and a waterproof phone case because we’re around water the whole time.

How do I communicate with everyone?
Download WhatsApp. We will search your phone number you used to buy your ticket and add you to a group of all the attendees.

What’s the agenda?
It’s all above on this page. We mastermind from 9am-1pm each day. It’s only 4 hours in the main room a day of talks. The rest of the time we will relax at the resort. We’ll likely announce smaller, informal sessions in the afternoons since we have the meeting room booked all day.

Why only 149 attendees?

We have limited the event to 149 people. If we go over that amount everyone will need to take daily COVID tests based on the rules of the resort.

What are the presentation topics?
We will post the agenda for the speakers here shortly with the topics we will discuss with them on stage during our mastermind time each day. You’ll enjoy plenty of one on one time with the speakers at the resort in the afternoon and evenings.